Jil Sander Offers Lower-Priced, Less-Uptight Line

Fans of Jil Sander who aren't fans of its prices, lend us your ears! Set to appear in stores in January '11, the lower-priced collection, Jil Sander Navy, will feature prices that start around $322 for a shirt to jackets and coats that will go for as high as $3,895—not exactly cheap, per se, but it sure beats the crazy-town prices from the Jil Sander proper label. The aesthetic of Navy will also have a bit more of a "dynamic attitude" (read: less anal-retentive librarian, more neat-dressing architect who wears prints!), and will rely on lightweight jerseys, knits, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, and outerwear, along with handbags, footwear, and belts. Now we can get all the impeccability of Raf Simon's Jil Sander, but with a splash of humor? We're glad the brand's finally loosening their collar! (WWD)

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