Jícama Is Now Running The Veggie Chip Game

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
Photo: Courtesy of Ju00edcaChips.
What's on my desk this week? JícaChips. Jíca-what? I'm talking about Jícama — an ancient root vegetable that most resembles a cross between potatoes and apples — but, in this case, baked into crunchy, crave-y, chip form. And although veggie variety crisps are nothing new (Terra's been on our snack scene for a while now), there's a little something extra going on inside this bright blue bag. Let's break it down. First, these chips are thin — ever had Baked Lays? Salty and thin but with a sweet soft edge. If Baked Lays had a baby with crispy Terra Chips, I imagine it would result in one of these. Second, the taste is both parts salty-sweet without the sweetness being too obvious. Instead, they taste like an afterthought of the true apple-y jícama root flavor that's been cut with a fresh sprinkle of sea salt (100% natural ingredients here y'all). And since these chips are baked, you won't be caught with greasy chip fingers. Gluten-free with quite a few vegan flavors as well, this snack is about as light, crisp, and clean as chips can come. But the major bonus points come from the flavor and texture alone. Available in six different varieties (sea salt, smoked BBQ, white cheddar, chili lime, cinnamon sugar, and spicy soy ginger), there's bound to be a bag for you. I'm feeling the spicy soy ginger, myself. Grab them straight from the source, or hit up Amazon (if Prime is your jam) — starting at $13.47 for a two-pack.
*Tip: Try pairing these chips with your favorite hummus spread.
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