Jeweler Erica Weiner Immortalizes a Cocktail Pick

The Mid-town Waldorf-Astoria Hotel is justly famous for its rich history, sophisticated architecture, and tony guests. To put it in context, Cary Grant lived there. Now martini lovers and jewelry enthusiasts alike have a new way to honor the tradition of the Art-Deco haven with Erica Weiner's Waldorf Astoria Cocktail Pick Necklace. The elaborately designed cocktail pick could once be found skewering olives of Grant and other natty notables through 1930's, 40's, and 50's—but it seems even more at home around the necks of the stylishly nostalgic. The detailed light brass hand-cast reproduction pendent, like Waldorf itself, actually has a cool story to tell, and, at $85 dollars, you'll still be able to afford a couple of double martinis.