Jessica Alba Gets Honest About What She Won't Eat

Jessica Alba — actor, mother, businesswoman, and now, author — is giving insight to what she believes to be a natural, honest way of life. Spoiler alert! Junk food doesn't play a role. "What food trend am I not jumping on board with? The whole 100-calorie pack thing," she says. "It’s just like, 'Oh, I’m just eating a bunch of chemicals.' I’m not into those." We can't blame Jess — have you ever tried truly tasting those wanna-be cookies?
That's just one of the secrets that Alba revealed as part of her Honest Lifestyle. First off, Alba is a firm advocate of not depriving yourself of your favorite foods. Egg tacos, sushi, and pasta dishes are staples at her house. She also strongly believes in supporting local farms, and eating seasonably. As for eating out? "We try to do as much farm-to-table as possible or eat the organic choices at restaurants if they’re available," she says. "We don’t eat at a lot of chains."
Exchanging cookies and chain restaurants for locavore eating? Judging by how gorgeous — and happy — she seems, he natural way of life is definitely doing something for her.
(The New Potato)
Photo: Via The New Potato

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