Is Your Face Ready For This Jelly?

Illustrated by Mary Galloway.

Jelly cleansers seem to be the skin-care topic of discussion
this month. Are these jellies here to stay (like PB’s best friend) or just a
fad (like those sandals you deny ever having owned)?

As the creator of a so-called “jelly” cleanser, I’ve understood the benefits of these types of products for quite some time, and now I’m breaking them down so you can decide if you think they're a must, or just annoyingly sticky.  Gel cleansers are plump and stay in place without running down your face (or off of your electronic cleansing brush). You can really massage them into your skin without having to deal with unnecessary clean up afterwards, or worry about washing off excessive residue — as sometimes happens with cleansing balms. Thicker than cleansing oils, jelly cleansers have a viscosity somewhere in between cleansing foams and cleansing bars, and they've been creeping into many women's skin-care regimens.  
Illustrated by Mary Galloway.

Because jelly formulas are packed with natural
oils, they're great for dry skin. Those oils will balance the skin’s moisture levels so you won’t end up with a tight, dry feeling. After cleansing, jellies simply wash off with a bit of warm
water, leaving the skin refreshed and renewed. Their gumminess also gives them two-for-one benefits, as
they can be used as gentle mask treatments. Or, if you just want deeper cleansing, leave it on for at least five minutes before rinsing off.

Pick one with natural botanical ingredients, such as lycopene or rosehip oil. I also recommend jelly cleansers containing natural oils (like coconut or sunflower) which are awesomely hydrating.

Some jellies contain wheat extract, which minimizes pores and provides balanced
moisture. I'd avoid those that contain fragrance, which can irritate
sensitive skin and even hide dangerous ingredients. With jelly cleansers as with all skin-care, looking for natural products and clean ingredients lists is doing your skin a favor. 

Of course, choosing skin-care products is personal, and while some people may be elated to discover that their new jelly cleanser can also pull double duty as a face mask, others might be reluctant to give up the foaming wash that they've been loyal to for years. Only you can really determine what your skin needs.   

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