Jay-Z Will Make The Soundtrack For The Annie Movie (!)

The classic rags to riches story gets even bigger, and we're not just talking about Annie the musical. Since our beloved Jay-Z sampled the soundtrack in "Hard Knock Life" back in '99, he's won 14 grammies, started the '90s streetwear staple brand Rocawear, and married People's most beautiful woman of 2012 (and let's not forget about Blue Ivy). Now, Jay-Z is set to head the music of the new blockbuster, high-budget update of Annie. And, you know a remake of "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)" is certainly in store (squeals!). The movie, written by Brit actress Emma Thompson, will be set in modern-day New York starring Willow Smith (a far cry from Annie's red hair but still just as fiery, what with all the hair whipping!). While the new version will exclude some of the old songs, "Tomorrow" made the cut, alongside some original new music from Jay-Z himself.
Life is good for Mr. Shawn Corey Carter. So it's about time, over a decade later, for the dapper rapper to revisit his humble beginnings. And no, we're not just talking about a visit to the Marcy Houses in Bed-Stuy — we can almost guarantee a soundtrack that parallels his own interpretation of Annie's narrative. Filming starts early next year (ugh!), but we'll keep an ear to the ground, waiting for any new leaks from the soon-to-be cinematic score of the year! (All Hip Hop)

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