Jawbone’s Latest Collab Is Music To Our Eyes

Cranking your favorite tunes may seem like a totally auditory experience, but Jawbone has found a new way to make it a visually stimulating one, too. The local media-player company tapped Visual Supply Co. to round up seven all-star photographers to snap photos that answer this query: "How do you experience music?" Because no one listens to Beyoncé the same exact way — though, surely we all do the "Single Ladies" dance in the mirror, right? — each artist found completely unique ways to portray that soul-soothing process.
Head-banging rocker? You'll find one just for you. Classical musician? There's a photo even Beethoven would frame. Trust, after peeping the first capture, you’ll immediately want an encore — don’t worry, there are 60 total to click through! And, most of the photogs, like Luca Venter and Ethan Luck, have some experience with music, so we can guarantee their work behind the lens will hit all the right notes.
Our 10 favorite pics are just ahead. Scroll through and listen with your eyes, man.