It Was Inevitable: The Beatrice Inn’s Sign Stolen, Held For Ransom

If you've ever stumbled through the West Village on a tipsy night and passed the corner of West 12 and West 4th Street, you've probably thought about swiping The Beatrice Inn's sign. It would be soooo easy and, really, how could it end badly? Well, someone's beaten you to the proverbial punch. Last night, The Imaginary Socialite received a mysterious blocked message containing a picture of the famously cracked sign that once hung above the door of Manhattan's long-closed hipster Mecca (really the Noughties' answer to Studio 54). In retrospect, it was just a matter of time till someone with enough stones put some effort in and stole the darn thing.The thieves who pulled off the heist (and appear to own Ikea's Expedit shelves) are offering the sign as memento mori of ill-spent evenings past for sale at Yes, we know you're tempted to own a slice of nightlife legend. But, as your friends, we have to remind you that knowingly buying stolen merchandise does make you an accessory to the crime. Obviously, this is a story in progress—we promise to keep you updated on New York's most thrilling hostage case in years. (The Imaginary Socialite)

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