It Happened This Week: Intern Kanye, Princess Tinsley, and Psycho Mulder

it-happened-this-week-kanye-gap-070309.jpg1. Kanye West is interning at the Gap, sometimes even staying as late as 12 a.m! Indeed, making photocopies is hard work. (NBC)
2. Next year's Met Ball looks to be even more underwhelming than this year's. (FWD)
3. We find out what Chase Crawford's forehead looks like. Perhaps he got sick of being compared to Zac Efron. (People)
4. Rachel Zoe will come out with a GOOP-style newsletter which promises to be—what else?—bananas. (BlackBook)
5. Beyoncé to launch heinous clothing line with equally heinous name: Sasha Fierce. (WWD)
6. Model Karen Mulder is apparently making threatening calls to her plastic surgeon because said surgeon refuses to reverse some "unspecified procedure." (UK Vogue)
7. The Tinz is determined to ditch her lowly, peasant-like Park Avenue roots (and Topper, sniff) for the high and mighty world of German aristocrats and castles. (NYP)

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