It Happened This Week: Critter Invasion at Varvatos, Male-Model Crime Spree, and Endangered Crocs

ithappenedthisweek-johnvarvatos-raccoon-071709(2).jpg1. A wily raccoon invaded the John Varvatos flagship store. He was going for that whole "upscale-over-30-casual-with-a-hint-of-rock" thing, but got a one-way trip to animal control instead. There is no justice. 2. The CFDA-Fund Award nominees came out and a number of our faves got the nod. 3. A straight man ventured into the hallowed depths of the "Model Lounge" and emerged with his hide, but no phone numbers. 4. A 20-year-old former male model who worked for Hugo Boss has been charged with robbing 15 bodegas. He's also living with his 37-year-old ex-High-School teacher of whom he says, "I'm tapping that ass and there's nothing you can do about it." His Bravo reality show should debut this fall. 5. In a time when jobs are scarce and money is tight, we find ourselves rooting actually rooting for the bankruptcy of a shoe company. Why? Because we're awful, awful people. Oh, and the shoes are Crocs. 6. Lindsay Lohan continues her attempts to be Marilyn Monroe, yet refuses to die of a drug overdose. Totally unprofessional. 7. We saw a side of Hamish Bowles we always new existed—the Audrey Hepburn side.

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