Isabel Toledo Takes On Target, Mad Stylish Costumes, And Cynthia Rowley For Pampers

Tavi vs. Lourdes: A study in "over-excitable tween speak which means excess punctuation, a heavy hand on the caps lock key, capitalization, creative re-spellings, and tween slang." (Fashionista)
Who else can't wait to see and buy Isabel and Ruben Toledo's beach wear line for Target? (HuffPo)
Get ready to see Aldo next to I Heart Charlotte Ronson and Olsenboye at your local JCPenney. (WWD)
An insightful interview with Mad Men's costume designer has us even more stoked that Season 4 will be premiering soon! (StyleList)
Just when you thought it couldn't get more ridiculous than denim baby diapers, Cynthia Rowley debuts her collaboration with Pampers. (NYMag)

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