Is That A Drum Kit in Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

We've all played musical chairs before, but a super-smart teen engineer from Hull, England is determined to make musical jeans a reality. High school student and percussionist Aseem Mishra snagged first prize in the senior division at the national Young Engineer of Great Britain competition for his invention—a pair of jeans that let wearers tap out a tune on their thighs by drumming on sensors sewn into the fabric. How do they work? Eight paper-thin sensors sewn into the denim comprise a full drum kit, replete with cymbals, snares, and what-have-you, producing a remarkably realistic sound, and can be plugged into speakers small enough to fit in a backpack. But...more importantly—how do they look? Like regular ol' blue jeans—just peep the image of Mishra jamming out on the prototype pair. While the young inventor possesses the sole pair, Mishra plans on developing his musical pants further to include a wireless model for ultimate jamability and has expressed interest in finding a manufacturer. Next month, the boy genius will go stateside to rep' the U.K. at a science and engineering fair in Los Angeles. We just hope this kid doesn't blow his prize loot—a hefty G in pounds (about $1,600 USD)—flossing too hard with rockstars and science brains in the City of Angels. Check out the video of the pants in action after the break. (BBC)

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