Is Michelle Obama Refusing To Help The Garment District?

When Michelle Obama wears a J.Crew outfit on television, or a new designer to the inauguration, it means that J.Crew starts receiving the massive amount of attention its been working to receive, or guarantees that the career of Jason Wu becomes one that lasts. But is it fair to criticize her for what she said about fashion and her priorities?
"Women, wear what you love. That's all you can say. That's my motto. It's nice to have on a nice suit. But it's nicer to change a generation, in terms of their health. It's a better use of my time to focus on rallying this country around our military families. I mean, there's so much that I hope to do in this role, that makes a difference in people's lives."
Designer Nanette Lepore, advocate of the Garment District, castigated MObama, saying,
"Five years of raising awareness for New York's Garment Center have been rendered irrelevant by one statement. What Michelle Obama chooses to wear can save and create American jobs. Her influence on the American fashion industry does not detract from her agenda in the East Wing. The First Lady can support her causes and simultaneously support a valuable American industry and the thousands of people it employs. I wish she would rethink her statement."
While we understand Obama's placing other issues before fashion (as it should be), we also think that Lepore is right in that Obama's sartorial choices do make a difference for those working in the fashion industry. Clothing that facilitates strength, courage, hard work, and kindness are clothes that have integrity—and so far Obama's wardrobe choices have pretty much reflected this, whether it's a conscious or subconscious decision. What do you guys think about this all? Should she be more vocal about her clothing decisions, or should she keep on doing her? (HuffPo)

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