This Is Just Asking For Trouble: iPhone Case Shoots Pepper Spray

We thought we had seen it all in iPhone gadgetry. Remember the chic handbag that doubles as an iPhone charger? What about the bra that has a secret iPhone compartment? But, wait — this might top any newfangled gadgetry. Say hello to Spraytect, an iPhone case-meets-pepper spray canister.
This case will protect your iPhone...and protect you. Spraytect is a standard wraparound case with a slot on the back, in which a small can of pepper spray is meant to securely fit. Remove a safety pin, rotate a lever, aim at a ne'er-do-well, and a mist of pepper spray will be blasted into the attacker’s eyes.
“With a little practice, aiming and firing will become second nature,” says Stacey Kole, former Miss Arizona, in the promotional video. An added bonus is that the case also acts as a kickstand, allowing users to watch movies hands-free.
So, whether this a great innovation in personal protection technology or just another gimmick, we'd like to offer some advice: try not give one of your friends a face full of pepper spray while snapping their photo. Say "freeze," not "cheese," baddies. (Guardian)
Image via Spraytect

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