Whoa! An Invisible Bicycle Helmet Actually Exists

There’s no doubt that S.F. babes prefer to zip up and down these hills on two wheels. And although we found the perfect bike-riding flats and backpacks for the trip, that can sometimes leave us with an untamable case of helmet hair (yes, even despite our savvy styles). But a frizzy mane could potentially be a forgotten woe, thanks to some superb science from two Swedish gals who are making some major headlines. The design-student duo, Anna Haupt and Terese Alpin, jumpstarted the company Hövding with a mission to create an invisible helmet — yes, you read that right!
Meaning, we may no longer have to sacrifice beauty for safety. Sounds impossible, right? Turns out, no. Just zip up the neck device that resembles a wrap-around infinity scarf, which upon impact reacts by releasing a helmet that forms around your neck and head in an airbag-like fashion.
It may sound totally bizarre, but we think it’s definitely a pedal in the right direction. And as S.F.'ers we’re all about embracing the latest in technology, but for a cool $600, we're not exactly whipping out our wallets yet (plus, the project is still in the extremely early stages). What do you think? Watch the video below to see it in action and tell us if you’ll be strapping on an invisible helmet or if you prefer to stay hard headed.
Photo and video: Via Hövding

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