Internet Hacker Group Anonymous Declares War Against Louis Vuitton

They've shuttered the websites of massive companies like MasterCard, left the Xenu-powered acolytes of Scientology quaking in their loafers, and helped Wikileaks disseminate once-classified U.S. State Department documents. Now the loosely associated Internet-based group of commando hackers known as "Anonymous" has declared war on the House of Louis Vuitton. The conflict began when Danish artist Nadia Plesner made a t-shirt depicting a starving child holding a Louis Vuitton bag, bringing to attention the plight of hungry refugees in Darfur and lampooning our own needless appetite for consumer goods all at once. Naturally, LV being a luxury brand, sued her ass. These things happen. But the anti-corporate Anonymous isn't taking it lying down. They've declared war (such that a ersatz, unofficial multinational confederation of anarchists can declare war), launching, "OPERATION SKANKBAG" (caps theirs). According to this site, Anonymous will use non-violent means to attack Louis Vuitton's bottom line including giving away replica or second-hand bags to the homeless (ouch!), graffiti, making "Louis Vuitton whores" a Google trending topic, and, worst of all, taking down its website. As of this afternoon, is still up and running. But the war is young yet and, considering what they've done to other targets, Vuitton should be on guard and move Marc Jacobs to a secure bunker. (Buzzfeed)

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