Yikes! Your Facebook Friends Will Get A Look At All Your Instagram Likes

It’s pretty safe to say we’re bonafide Instagram fanatics. The Bay Area-based company always has a trick up its sleeve that leaves us nothing short of stunned (and addicted!) in a snap. And while we thought having our fave pics turned into a fluffy pillow or an awe-inspiring iPad case was magical, we’re not so sure about revealing that information with all our Facebook friends. Sure, right now we have the option to share any Instas we want on FB, but that’s all about to change, as we’re finally starting to see the results of the big billion-dollar buy-out.
It was recently announced our snap-happy app (and Foursquare) would be linked to Facebook — meaning every time someone likes a pic you shot on Instagram it will get plastered on the news feeds. It will then post a note similar to when someone likes your Facebook status (i.e. "Joanna likes your picture") in your notification stream, just like images you post directly to Facebook. Um, notification overload much?
This may help keep our social networking seamless, but is it harmless? Even though you can opt out of all the sharing and caring, it still leaves us wondering, has Facebook finally gone too far? Tell us what you think below in the comments. Inquiring minds want to know. (Gizmodo)

Photos: Via Instagram/ginaespo