Inside eBay's $12 Million Seller's Warehouse!

There is no hiding the fact that Refinery29 is home to many an eBay addict. We are not in recovery. And we don't plan on entering any time soon. No, we all happily indulge each other's fashion fetishes with frequent Instant Message debates over an object's worthiness. And very often, those objects come from Linda's Stuff, a Pennsylvania-based seller with more than 75,000 incredible items up for grabs. The seller is Linda Lightman, a former lawyer who started her eBay empire by hawking her kids' video games. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Now, those video games have been replaced by labels like Proenza Schouler, Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Manolo Blahnik (she's got PILES of 'em!), not to mention, mountains of incredible vintage that thrift whores like us would—and do!—go nuts over. Linda's Stuff works mostly on consignment, and while she couldn't reveal many of the bold-faced names she works with, she was able to share that New York Housewife Jill Zarin is a client, and all her sales go to charity, which, of course, makes us like her even more. When we heard Ms. Lightman was the most profitable seller of fashion and accessories on eBay, like $12 million worth of profitable, we had to take a road trip to meet her, and see the Linda's Stuff warehouse for ourselves. Luckily, you get to come along, as we filmed our adventure.
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Average number of Linda's Stuff orders a day: "We sell approximately 15,000 items a month and ship approximately 500 items per day."
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A big ol' pile of designer accessories including some serious to-die-for Hermès boots.
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Number of boxes that arrive at the office each day: "Upwards of 100 boxes arrive here everyday full of treasures from all over the world."
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Snapping away in the photo studio.
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Number of employees when Linda's Stuff started: "I was a one-woman show. I did it all—the photos, the listings, the emails to potentials buyers, the shipping, and the bookkeeping. I had lots of hats!"
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Number of Linda's Stuff employees now: "Pushing 70 employees."
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One of the many overstuffed racks in the Linda's Stuff warehouse.
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Lots and lots and lots of shoes.
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An employee climbing Shoe Mountain.
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Most popular designer: "It runs the gamut from Chanel, Prada, Hermès, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tory Burch, and the like, to an amazing vintage Lucite handbag or that perfect paperclip necklace. There is something for everyone on Linda's Stuff. That's what makes shopping on our site so much fun. You might be on our site looking for one thing, and you leave purchasing your favorite new LBD and pair of Vintage Aura Borealis earrings, and still have enough money to buy a pair of Christian Louboutins! It's a win-win for buyers and our consignors. Buyers get amazing deals, and consignors fetch more money from our site than they could anywhere else."
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The shipping center.
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Highest an object sold for: "We sold a Crocodile Hermès Birkin for $40,000...yikes!!"
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More bins and racks and bags of clothes.
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Most bids on item: "We just had a Gucci dress that sold for $7,800. We started the auction at $299 and it just took off. It was a Tom Ford original, and clearly very coveted. I once had a beautiful vintage case, my consignor wanted me to list the vase for $299. After two months it had not sold, and the consignor agreed to lower the price to $69. The vase got so many bids it sold for $1,100."
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We loved this DIY necklace idea. It's paper clips covered with colorful electrical tape. A nice high-low mix next to the YSL shoes, don't you think?
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Employees inspecting and writing up descriptions of Linda's Stuff merchandise.
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Approximate price fetched for Linda's first eBay auction: "I have no recall on this, but the first items I began to sell were my sons' video games. I remember we sold video games and fetched between $20 and $40 for each game, when the local electronics store was going to give us $5 for each, so we really made out well."
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Projected revenue this year: "$12 million in sales just on eBay!"
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Boxes upon boxes, ready to go.
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The busy photo studio.
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Another view of the shoe room (and there are three more rows of shelves to the right).

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