Inside Garance Dore's Closet Filled With Beautiful "Little Sculptures"

garance dore closet
We've been known to stalk shoes, hair, nails, Ryan Gosling (kidding, kinda), but one of our favorite things to stalk are the closets of our favorite fashion impresarios. In one of the most-recent features from Elle and The Coveteur, we were able to get an up-close look at the closet contents of super-inspiring fashion photographer, writer, and illustrator, Garance Doré, whose red-hot (literally) collection of handbags was enough to make us really swoon. Inside her NYC home that she shares with love Scott Schuman, and set among her massive collection of books and art, we got a peek at some of Garance's favorite coats, heels, and bags, or what she refers to as "little sculptures." Touché Garance, touché. (Elle and The Coveteur)

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