In The Market: Rack’s Preview of H&M’s Comme des Garçons Collection

Remember all those pretty studio shots of the Comme des Garçons for H&M ? Yeah, nice, hunh? Well, you can never really tell what clothes look like until you see them out of the studio. Lucky Racked, they got a look for themselves at a market preview of Rei Kawakubo's work for the Swedish superstore. in Los Angeles. Their take was quite positive: "We'll say this, people: The Comme des Garçons for H&M collection lives up to the hype." Now, generally, we trust Racked in such matters (they're a good group, them.) And, true, the women's looks are pretty spectacular (if a bit Harajuku goth.) But in an office that's half men, we had some doubts about the diagonally patterned men's suits. The construction looks very good, but, call us crazy, we prefer our stripes on a traditional north/south x/y axis. Nonetheless, we agree that this collection is probably worth the wait on line, even if the prices are a tad higher than we would have hoped for. Sigh. Now, Racked's Tasha Nita Adams (hi, girl) wasn't actually able to try the clothes on ( damn those sample sizes) so the final verdict still awaits a full ruling. Mark your calendars for November 13 to slip into some yourself. (Racked LA)

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