Food For Thought: Should In-N-Out Include Veggie Burgers?

After tasting nearly every burger L.A. has to offer (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!), we narrowed down our search to just 14 winners. And while we may have indulged in versions with caramelized onions and truffle oil, nothing could compare to the sweet simplicity of In-N-Out. A burger (animal-style, duh!), fries, and a fountain drink costs less than a cocktail at most restaurants on our list, but it's just as delicious. While we're obviously completely content with the chain, it looks like one customer is filing a big complaint — Ari Solomon has issued a petition, asking for In-N-Out to include veggie burgers on the menu.
To some, this is a chance for the fast-food joint to jazz up its signature fare: Why not add healthier, more eco-friendly options? The restaurant already prides itself on doing the right thing (it recently severed ties with a meat supplier that violated animal-cruelty laws), and could gain many more customers (you know, the kind that count calories!). But, a part of us wants the restaurant to stick to its scaled-down selection — plus, veggies already have the secret menu option of a grilled cheese!
Where do you stand on the drive-thru debate — should non-meat eaters be able to sink their teeth into In-N-Out's grub, or should they stick to Tender Greens? (Huff Post LA)

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