In Brief: Our Top 7 Underwear Moments of All Time

When it comes to their skivies, most prefer to believe less is more. But not us--modesty be damned! We're the first to say bring on the V.P.L. See our aforementioned hunk-a-hunk-a burning love for Bruce Weber's latest spread. Only we couldn't help but think that there are better places than the local Hallmark store to get your fix of PG-13 rated material. So, inspired, we went on a pop-culture panty raid, and dug through the top drawer to find some of our all time favorite barely-there moments. From Scar-Jo's career-changing cotton cameo to Sigourney's almost-scandalous strip tease in Alien, the elastic waistband has never been hotter.
Kate Moss in The White Stripes' "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself": Kate Moss is no stranger to prancing around in next to nothing. But pole dancing? We thinks she's never looked so deliciously raunchy.
6 more bum-tastic moments after the break!

Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation: Her ass is on screen for less than a minute, but that fleeting glimpse of Scar-Jo's ample assets in a pair of granny panties (no less!) was enough to titilate.
JoBeth Williams (Diane Freeling) in Poltergeist: Not only does poor JoBeth have to endure being possessed by an evil spirit, but also the embarrassment of exposing her delicates. We blush.
Tom Cruise in Risky Business: Say what you will about the Tom Cruise of today, but back when he was a-Wayfarer loving teenage lothario, the man knew how to dance around in his underpants.
Sigourney Weaver in Alien: Nothing brings a hot-blooded alien killer back down to earth like a skimpy, thin-as-a-cheesecloth white tank and pair of cotton briefs. Like a teenage sci-fi geek's wet dream.
Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies: Nothing is sexier than role-playing as a prostitute-stripper on a dance pole...something we might have to try the next time our sex life gets a little dull.
Helena Christensen in Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game": This erotic black-and-white-on-the-beach romp care is just about as close to soft core porn as we like to get. Who knew the mournful crooner had it in him?

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