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In partnership with Neon Films to support their hilarious new comedy, Ingrid Goes West, in theatres everywhere August 25, we're tapping into the film's social commentary about the blurred lines of social media etiquette. In the film, Aubrey Plaza's character is a "deranged" social media stalker whose extreme antics raise a few brows (stealing her Instagram Idol's dog to become friends? Ahem). But the majority of us are guilty of SOME eye-brow raising social media behavior, or at least only showing our best selves to the digital world, and it's time to get UNFILTERED.
For Ingrid Goes West's nationwide premiere week we're encouraging Twitter users to tweet their most salacious social media confessions, or the craziest behavior they've experienced online, using #IAmIngrid. We'll be retweeting our favorites throughout the week, while seeding anonymous tips.
Here are some examples from some of our staffers:

As a teen on LiveJournal, I DEFINITELY invented a boyfriend. It was like fanfiction, but of my own life.

I have a frenemy who I wish I could stalk, but her profile is private. So I stalk her best friend (who has a public profile) literally all the time. I have to constantly clear my search history so as not to be conspicuous.

In the middle of chatting with a crush on AIM, I'd set an away message that said "in the shower!!" because I thought that would make him think of me naked.

My childhood BFF and I made a fake Facebook for a boy to make her then-bf jealous. To this day I feel very uncomfortable (yet proud?) when Facebook tells me it's "Noah Matthews'" birthday.

I obsessively checked the page of a girl I fancied who I found through a girl who was also obsessed with her on Tumblr. Actually started talking to her and she ended up moving from Denmark to London. We've been together 4 years and are now engaged!

The conversation takes the taboo of 'social media etiquette' and flips it on its head, showing the world how most of us have a little Ingrid in us if we're being honest. Ready to submit yours?
Follow @Refinery29 on Twitter, then tweet #IAmIngrid and your most salacious social media secret. We'll pick one winner at random to receive a #SquadGoals gift bag from the film set!
For inspiration, check out the trailer below:

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