Doggie Bag: Coulter vs. Obama, The End of Men's Vogue, and Birkin Gets Back on the Mic

pm-links-010509Again, it's the top of the month, and, again, we are grateful for the The Cut's digest of the best and worst fashion spreads. (The Cut)
At first they downsized Men's Vogue to a supplement. Now it seems the Nasties are downsizing it to nothing at all. (Fashionista)
Also, remember how Bill Blass was set to rise from its own ashes? Well forget that. (The Cut)
Ann Coulter criticizes Michelle Obama for looking too much like Jackie Kennedy. We could get on Coulter's case by saying she looks too much like the kind of escort one picks up in an Atlantic City hotel lobby, but that's just too mean. (Racked)
Those Christina Aguilera for Topshop rumors were just that—rumors. (Elle UK)
Jane Birkin may return to music. Whatever she does, she should sue Vogue UK's photo editors. (Vogue UK)

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