Evening Links: Selby in Residence, Seeing Freckles, and American Apparel Dress Codes

pmlinks_0113According to Todd Selby, his apartment isn't cool enough to be featured on his own website. (The Cut)
PETA in England wants a law restricting owners from dressing up their dogs in tacky clothing. This really isn't a huge deal. Now if we could drum up a statute preventing parents from making fashion victims of their children… well, that would be something, wouldn't it? (Jezebel)
Showroom Seven opens up a shop for its brands, Beyond 7, underneath its offices. (Racked)
Olivier Theyskens doesn't care what you think, he's staying with Nina Ricci. (The Cut)
The dress code in the American Apparel office is exactly what you think it would be. (Racked)
There be freckles on these spectacles. (Smitten)
Lynn Yeager will be writing for New York this Fashion Week. Lucky bastards. (Racked)

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