Morning Links: Vintage Comforts, Benetton in Iran, and Hot Pockets!

amlinks_0113Is the future of the high-end auction market hedged on the success of the Yves Saint-Laurent art sale? Damn, we hope not. (Gawker)
Purple closes their New York offices. Let's hope whatever's going on stays on this side of the pond. (Fashionista)
WWD takes a look ahead at what's going on outside the tents this Fashion Week. (WWD)
Gwyneth Paltrow, mother and Oscar-winner, takes the next logical step in her career by opening a gym. (Popcrunch)
Thanks to his CFDA win, Alexander Wang will get a year of mentoring from Diane Von Furstenberg, while Vena Cava will get advice from Patrick Robinson and Andrew Rosen. (WWD)
Vintage style makes dark times a little less scary. (Jezebel)
Uggs are not only bad for your style, they're bad for your feet. (WCCO)
In another example of predictable A-to-Z thinking, Benetton is holding a design competition for two new skyscrapers in Tehran… Iran. (Trendhunter)
Right now pockets are the new hot place to put things. The only thing hotter than a pocket—a hot pocket inside a hot pocket. Hawt paaaketts. (Guardian UK)

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