Easy Outfit Combos That Kill It Every Time

Even for a fashion editor whose bread and butter revolves around styling outfits, getting dressed in a time crunch is tough. Inevitably, whatever's clean and unwrinkled doesn't quite match, and it's exhausting to cycle through 10 iterations until you get it right. Well, because that won’t cut it anymore, we’re resolving to make the outfit hunt way less hectic.

The key is to stockpile neutral pieces that don't pose a threat of clashing. Once the base is established, all you need are a few no-fuss recipes to whip up ensembles in a pinch. For inspiration, we looked to a brand that's rife with such staples, PAIGE, and pieced together five spring looks that rely on texture, one-second styling tricks, and fun accents to amp up the minimal color palette. Read on to see why neutrals are so the move when you're up against the clock.
Photographed by Emman Montalvan.
PAIGE pants, H&M top and shoes, stylist's own jacket, Jennifer Fisher earrings.
DIY Co-Ord
There's a reason why the denim-on-denim look is forever a fallback: It's instantly coordinated and requires minimal effort. Lucky for the always-late club, the same principle can apply to other fabrics. Create your own matching set by coordinating the texture of your outerwear to your bottoms. This suede-on-suede combo offers a much cooler alternative to the traditional work suit, but it still means business. Bring it together with a like-colored top and sneakers.
Just Tuck It
Navy may not be the most obvious neutral, but TBH, we wear it just as much as we wear black — that counts for something, right? And in the form of a sheer blouse, its mixing and matching potential is virtually limitless. Here, the top is tucked into a black, A-line miniskirt — a styling 101 move to easily add polish. The dark palette downplays the girly floral print in the blouse, and the long sleeves balance the short length of the skirt. Keep this duo in your back pocket for the next time you need a date look in a pinch.
Photographed by Emman Montalvan.
PAIGE blouse and skirt, Wolford tights, Jimmy Choo shoes, Jennifer Fisher ring.
Photographed by Emman Montalvan.
PAIGE jacket, stylist's own dress, H&M sneakers, Sorelle earrings.
The Fringe Effect
We'd argue there's nothing easier than mixing a simple dress and jacket when you don't have time to rip apart your closet. Do the math: It's only two pieces. To keep the duo from feeling too just-rolled-outta-bed, one of the styles should be a real statement-maker. This minimal, ribbed midi-dress is a great foundation for the fun fringed topper, not only because it's an easy throw-on-and-go piece, but also because the beigey color gives it maximum versatility. Put 'em together, and you've got one foolproof combo.
Texture Twofer
If head-to-toe black is your favorite style move, you can use mixed media to break up the color. Here, a sleek leather top feels differentiated from the studded denim. By buttoning up the blouse to the top, the collar really makes a statement (and eliminates the need for add-ons, like a necklace or scarf). And don't worry about accessories on the bottom half either — those rocker studs do all the talking.
Photographed by Emman Montalvan.
PAIGE jeans, Bailey 44 top, Jennifer Fisher bracelet, Eugenia Kim shoes.
Photographed by Emman Montalvan.
PAIGE top, shorts, and belt; ICB coat; Wolford socks; Eugenia Kim shoes; Jennifer Fisher ring; stylist's own earrings.
Belt It Out
Accessorizing may be the last thing you want to think about when the clock is ticking, but if you can spare 10 seconds (that's it!), you can throw in a statement accessory that'll make all the difference. Since you're sticking with a neutral palette, the color choice is already made for you. Just choose a piece with interesting or metallic accents, like this silver-embellished, Western-inspired belt. Paired with a no-fail black blazer, black denim shorts, and a knit tank, it offers a transition between feminine and edgy.

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