5 Essential Workout Moves

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Are you looking to kick off a new fitness routine or simply make yours a little better? Our 60 Seconds To Fit video series is here to help. "Each exercise targets multiple muscle groups," says celeb trainer Sadie Kurzban. 5 Essential Workout Moves Since the First Lady has asked the nation to engage in five healthy actions in honor of the fifth anniversary of her Let’s Move campaign, we’ve put together five super-basic workout moves that will target the entire body. First move: It’s all about the arms. Holding hand weights and standing with your legs slightly apart, do a bicep curl. Then, extend the weights over your head. Bring them back down to your shoulders, then back to your sides. Repeat for a total of two reps. Second move: Squat. Holding hand weights by your sides, bend your knees and lower yourself to the ground with your butt out. How low can you go? Return to standing and repeat for a total of two reps. Third move: Lunge. Holding hand weights by your sides, step forward with one leg and lower your hips until both knees are bent. Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed, and make sure your front knee doesn't extend beyond your front toes. Stretch it out. Repeat on the other side. That's one rep — repeat on both sides for a total of two reps. Fourth move: Plank. Place the weights down and go onto the floor in a high-plank position. Make sure your feet are together and your elbows are right under your shoulders. Keeping your abs tight, lift your body, maintaining a straight line from your heels to your tailbone and through to the top of your head. You should feel this mainly in your abs, rather than your shoulders, elbows, or forearms. Hold it. Now, lower to your forearms and hold. Fifth and final move: The Bicycle. Roll over onto your back, bend your knees halfway up, and clasp your hands behind your head. Now, crunch and bring your right elbow and left knee together. Do 2 reps on each side.

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