The Lazy Man's Tie: One Step More Advanced Than A Clip-On

Tie knots – they're confusing, frustrating, and eat up precious milliseconds of time that could otherwise be spent covering yourself in Axe Body Spray. Who needs 'em, right?
Well, not you, if designer and Kickstarter applicant Tanya Huang has her way, and gets funding for her Knot Theory brand of neckwear. See, unlike normal ties that have to be – you know – tied, Knot Theory products are fastened in place with little, Windsor-knot-looking, snap-on doodads. Revolutionary! Plus, some of the snap-on doodads come embroidered with little crowns. Double bonus! According to the video attached, you can match up teal or pink snap-on knot doodads with black-and-white "badass tie silhouette" thingies while visiting a local pub or, perhaps, posing topless with your favorite samurai sword (as we often do).

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