We Should Be Talking About Money With Our Partners — Here’s Where To Start

In the realm of romantic etiquette, financial soul-baring is hardly sexy first-date banter. In fact, spewing information about your mounting credit card debt or your penchant for purchasing $19 celery smoothies for breakfast can seem like a surefire way to dampen the mood, no matter your relationship status.
This is not unique to our romantic conquests: For the most part, we're still reluctant to speak frankly about matters of money as a whole. But in truth, communicating about our finances feeds directly into the intimacy we want in our relationships — and it’s time we stopped dancing around the subject.
So, for some much-needed advice when it comes to navigating money discourse, we tapped two financial advisors — Georgia Lee Hussey, certified financial planner and founder and CEO of Modernist Financial, and Cynthia Loh, Charles Schwab's vice president of digital advice and innovation — to weigh in. Before you open up a bottle of wine and whisper sweet student loan sums into your partner’s ear, click through for all the expert tips you’ll need to navigate six of the most common money conversations that couples shy away from.

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