4 Easy Ways To Prevent A Post-Summer Slump

Illustrated by Janet Sung.
The fear of summer ending can make your average Sunday scaries seem actually pleasant — especially when it feels like you haven't even made it halfway through your warm-weather bucket list.
But while returning to a regular work schedule or school may feel like doomsday, with some smart preparation, easing yourself back into the swing of things isn't actually all that hard.
Rather than ignoring the inevitable, we teamed up with Boost Mobile to break down four easy ways to make your transition from summer to fall so much smoother — starting right now. So take that last-minute pool selfie, fill up on all the BBQ you can handle, and consult these tips that'll help you pull off the ultimate end-of-summer feat.
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Illustrated by Janet Sung.
Fix your sleep habits.

Whether you're a morning person or not, going back to waking up super early after a long weekend OOO or three months out of school sucks. That said, conquering your alarm clock (without hitting snooze a dozen times) is indeed doable.

Before getting back to real life, start cutting out long naps during the day and screen time before bed. Catching a few midday ZZZs or looking at Twitter before you fall asleep may seem harmless, but both send the body mixed signals, making it harder to fall asleep and sleep well at night. The same goes for big late-night snacks and anything with caffeine. At the very least, try sticking to a specific sleep schedule, keeping in mind that most of us need seven to eight continuous hours of rest to function.
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Illustrated by Janet Sung.
Get serious about your goals.

While New Years is normally synonymous with fresh starts, the end of summer is also the perfect time to pause and plan for the future. Spend some time mapping out your short-term and long-term goals for the next few months (including how to actually achieve them). Then, go over your list with an accountability partner — a close friend, coworker, or classmate who'll call you out on your BS if/when you’re slacking. Who knows, doing so might also make swapping out your pool floatie for a desk chair actually kind of exciting.
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Illustrated by Janet Sung.
Eliminate clutter.

Between road trips and beach days, it's easy to forget about things like vacuuming your apartment and cleaning your tub. The last few days of summer provide a prime opportunity to survey any mess and either get rid of (or stash away) whatever's no longer needed for the upcoming fall season (think: that stack of beach reads and drawer full of bathing suits). And don’t forget to clean the hidden areas of your space: Light switches, toilet handles, door knobs, and everything else touched on the daily need attention, too.
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Illustrated by Janet Sung.
Build in a few buffer days.

When your biggest concerns are fixing weird tan lines and getting the sand out of your bathing suit, it may be hard to remember that you can't leave all your fall prep for one day. To be safe, reserve a minimum of three to five days for getting things in order — from donating summer clothes to shopping for groceries to sorting through the thousands of photos on your phone.

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