Your Weekend Errands Are About To Get WAY Easier

Designed by Louisa Cannell.
We've all faced the same dilemma: Between work and everything else in life, it can be near impossible to find time to pick up prescriptions, drop off dry cleaning, get more makeup wipes, and restock our seltzer supply during the week — but we also don't want to blow our entire weekend on errands.
The thing is, errands don't have to be as tedious and time-consuming as you think. All it takes is a little prep work and insider knowledge. Luckily, we've got just that for you: from nailing the perfect shopping list to using the Walgreens App, the following hacks will save you both time and money — so there's no need to cancel that Saturday bottomless brunch reservation. Consider your weekends saved.
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Designed by Louisa Cannell.
Start from square one.

Before you get distracted by 20 seemingly identical bottles of kombucha in the grocery store, make sure you take care of all the basics — and we mean everything. Fill up your tank, charge your phone, and run to the bank so you have cash for those pesky cash-only markets. It might sound like a lot of work to do before you even get to your real errands, but you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to break your shopping momentum.
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Get smart about organization.

If you’re balling on a budget or in a hurry, shopping lists keep you from blowing your money on things you don't need. Make sure yours is super organized by dividing it into sections, using colored highlighters, and grouping objects by categories and location.
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App up.

Your phone is useful for more than just social media breaks when running errands — it’s actually your key to better efficiency and less time spent at checkout. The Walgreens App lets you easily tick off your most time-consuming to-dos: You can scan to refill your prescriptions, clip paperless coupons, check in-store product availability, and more.
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Be an early bird.

Shopping as soon as the stores open gives you the best pick of fresh foods and restocked goods, plus you’ll be able to avoid the crowds and speed through the checkout line. Sure, you might not get all the weekend beauty sleep you wish you could, but you’ll be doing yourself a major favor.
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Buy in bulk.

Whether you're buying for a family of six or a studio apartment of one, buying in bulk has major benefits: less money spent, less wasteful packaging, and less trips to the store. Start with what you know you'll use up, such as tissues, paper towels, tampons, and toilet paper, and try to stay away from anything perishable that won't get used up before it goes bad.
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Pack a survival bag.

A certain British nanny taught us best: There's no limit to what you can pack in your bag. Grab a tote and fill it with all the necessities, like a water bottle, your shopping list, compact reusable shopping bags, a book, a hair tie, and a snack. It might seem like overkill, but you'll find they'll all come in handy.
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Designed by Louisa Cannell.
Price check.

If you’re looking for the best deal and you’re stuck between brands, look at the unit price listed underneath the retail price. The unit price breaks down the price of an item according to weight or volume, so the next time you’re stuck wondering whether it’s a better deal to get the giant laundry detergent or the regular size, you won’t have to whip out a calculator.

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