How To Rock A Faux-Bob Like Jaime King

In the summer heat, desperate times call for desperate measures. But before you reach for the scissors, remember: You have options! Why risk regretting an impulsive, neck-baring haircut when you can get this easy summer style, sans commitment? Consider Jamie King's tousled faux bob, which has all the pros of this fun, easy style without the chop-it-all-off cons. It's beyond easy—tie your your hair about 4 inches from the end and roll it up to your desired bob length. Next, wrap the ends underneath, secure with bobby-pins, and don't hold back on the hairspray. Once you've sprayed the style into place, pull out a few pieces to keep it looking natural. If you've got super-straight locks, start off by adding some waves with a large barrel curling iron.

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