What Training With Brooklyn's Most Badass Female Rugby Players Is Really Like

Like most sedentary office workers, we don't typically get a ton of chances to forcefully drag an opponent to the mud-soaked ground. That's why we sent one of our video producers out to train with the kickass ladies of the Brooklyn Women's Rugby Team, where she learned the ropes of this fiercely competitive game.
Under the guidance of their extremely passionate coach, Errol, we practiced running drills, scrumming, and even tackling (protip: when attempting to bring down competitors, you want to aim for cheek-to-(butt)cheek contact with your foe, naturally). After an evening playing with the team, we went home slightly sore, but in true awe of their fearlessness and passion for a sport too often framed as exclusively for dudes.
Watch the video above to see our producer kicking some serious ass out on the field — we hope it inspires you to break down a barrier or two of your own (even if you have to tackle it).

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