This DIY Is Exactly What Your Tiny Space Needs

When we think back on all of the arts and crafts projects we were forced to do as kids, some seem completely ridiculous (macaroni-encrusted picture frames?) while others we can really appreciate (who doesn’t love a good friendship bracelet?). To be honest, many of the DIYs we come across today fall into those categories, too. But, we teamed up with Cotton Incorporated to show you one you'll actually get some use out of. If you’re constantly searching for a solution to fit your apartment’s many odds and ends, consider making this totally customizable wall organizer. Unlike rigid metal or wooden shelving, this slim and versatile, yet surprisingly durable, fabric option takes up very little space — something we can all benefit from. With just a few supplies and a creative eye, this DIY can turn an unused wall into the perfect place to show off your fave office supplies, makeup, or ever-growing collection of sunnies. Follow along with the video above to create your own multipurpose masterpiece.