How To Make It Through The Outnet’s $1 Sale Without Passing Out


We were pretty stoked when we first heard about
's one anniversary sale. Everything—anything for $1? Bring it on! However, after receiving further information, we are starting to think our initial excitement will come at a higher price. How can we compete on Friday with a gazillion other blood-thirsty deal hunters? Today the online retailer sent out a message with 5 smart shopping "tips" below:
1. You'll know the sale start time via email, and since you can only buy one item, stay focused!

2. Items in the shopping bag aren't yours until payment is confirmed, so pay fast!

3. Know all your sizes in advance, so be prepared!

4. Shop by size filter and they'll only show what's available, so search smart!

5. Enter all your billing and shipping info beforehand to speed up checkout, so start now!

Can you feel the panic start to course through your veins? Practical, yes—their tips are probably effective enough, but we've got a couple more strategies so you can get through this ordeal without having an aneurysm.

1. Keep your main aim as well as backup purchases bookmarked for easy access.

2. Start training your clicking finger today. We suggest five rounds of a hundred reps with a .5 pound weight.

3. Cue your alarm clock to play "Eye of the Tiger." Chug a few egg yolks for good measure.

4. Clear your schedule of any and all engagements except for "Keep an eye on inbox" and "Succeed."

5. Be prepared for defeat by having a pint of Ben and Jerry's on hand.

Good luck fellow hunters. But be forewarned—We may like you now, but if we see you at checkout, be prepared to feel our wrath.

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