5 Easy, Clever Ways To Get Your Place Organized

You're one of the lucky ones. In almost every way, you and your roommate get along famously. You’re down to binge-watch the same shows, have wildly different tastes in delivery food (she’ll never snag your last soup dumpling), and neither of you feel a pressing need to practice your improv exercises into the wee hours of the night. Your one cohabitational flaw? Your bedroom alternates between boho dishevelment and straight-up apocalypse-level disaster, while hers is so perfectly neat that you question whether she’s ever actually slept beneath her military-precise comforter. As a result, the tight communal areas you share are an unstable mix of both your styles, not to mention the fodder for a whole lot of quarrels.
To keep the peace, and bring order to your more, shall we say, free-spirited approach to handling mess, we enlisted expert organizer and designer Jeffrey Phillip for his five best space-saving, clutter-tackling tricks. With the help of a few key pieces from Target's Back To College Collection and the Made for U College Styler by Target online tool — which helps to find a decor middle ground both you and your roommate can live with — each tip is pretty darn easy to stick to, no matter how cramped your quarters.
Go ahead and text your roommate right now. You don't want her to fall over from shock the second she walks through the door.

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