The Burger Recipe Every 20-Something Should Know

Every summer at the start of grilling season, I want all the grilled burgers, hot dogs, corn, and anything else I can get my hands on that has that signature smoky, meaty, BBQ flavor. There's just one problem: I don't have a grill.
Like many of my fellow city-dwellers, I live in an apartment with no backyard, no roof access, and no balcony (fire escapes don't count!). This summer, I wanted a way to make my favorite BBQ food (burgers, obviously) in my own tiny kitchen rather than having to bribe one of my few lucky friends who managed to snag a grill-friendly apartment.
For advice on making the perfect indoor burger — that still gets that smoky, umami crust, despite the fact that there is absolutely no charcoal involved — we turned to condiment and burger extraordinaire Scott Norton, cofounder and chief marketing officer of Sir Kensington's. He gave us a foolproof recipe for cooking stovetop burgers that's easy enough for anyone can follow.
Ahead, find out what to ask for from your butcher, how big to make the beef patties (and what to mix into them), and how to cook them to your desired doneness. Thanks to Norton's genius tips, I'm officially ready to throw my first ever indoor BBQ. Who's with me?!

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