Thinking About Going Blonde? Now’s The Time To Do It

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Your favorite celebs are doing it. Elle Fanning, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, and Lady Gaga (in the new Versace campaign, no less): They're all going blonde, blonder, and blondest. Which makes sense — we're spending more time outdoors this season, and nothing complements a (faux) glow better than a lighter hair color. So, if you've been thinking about going blonde, even for just a couple of months, now is the perfect time. Ahead, check out some ways to embrace your inner towhead, whether you're looking for all-over platinum or just a few touches of brightness.

How To Make Platinum Work For You

The best candidate for platinum tresses is someone who has naturally light hair — since you have fewer shades to strip to get there — with a smooth texture and medium thickness. Those types of strands are fine enough that color will lift easily, yet they're sturdy enough to not be damage- and frizz-prone. Light eyes and fair skin generally look the most natural with brighter shades of blonde, but you never want your skin to be the same color as your hair — unfortunately, this means anyone with a super-pale complexion probably isn't a great fit for platinum hair. Sorry, ladies.

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If platinum seems too extreme, get in on the trend by brightening up your current shade with some highlights. If you've already embraced those? Try putting some thick, platinum sections around the frame of your face to get the effect of platinum locks without the damage or high-maintenance routine. Lastly, try pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and go lighter than ever before if you've already got a blonde mane.

If you're a natural towhead — like the type of girl who can put lemon juice in her tresses and get blonde streaks in the sun — then you can try doing this process at home with a high-lift blonde like
L'Oréal Paris Excellence Blonde Supreme Creme Haircolor in Extra Light Ash Blonde. Gals with other hair colors, however, should leave it to the pros and head to a salon.

Another blonde style that shows no signs of slowing down is ombré — but in highlighted form. The updated version of this trend is done by placing a very subtle touch of highlights at the roots, which burst into bright ends. The progression from darkness to lightness is much smoother than the rings of color we've seen in the past. This color trend also has a surfer-chick feel to it, which also makes it perfect for summer.

How To Make Ombré Highlights Work For You

The key to getting this look right is to have a smooth transition from darkness at the roots to lightness at the ends of the hair. The highlights at the roots should be woven very finely and spaced farther apart to ensure the hair closest to the scalp maintains its depth. Then, the ends should be painted with thicker bursts of the lighter shade. This look works on any hair color, but be sure never to go more than two shades lighter than your natural base color for the root shade; the lightness of the ends can be determined by how many levels are required to travel the length of your hair. Remember: Where you choose to begin the lightest parts of your ombré highlights will accentuate that area, so you can draw attention to your eyes by beginning at eye level, or your cheekbones, jawline, etc. There's also nothing worse than lopsided ombré, so ensure that the sections of lightness begin symmetrically on the left and right sides of your head.

If you're a DIY kind of girl and want to try this at home, L'Oréal has a brand-new at-home color called Ombré Touch, which comes with an "expert touch" applicator that makes applying the highlights a cinch. The key is to remember where the blonde ends begin and to keep it symmetrical on either side of your face. You can always do a test strand in the back of your head to figure out the timing, and then you're all covered for a successful ombré highlight application.

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