A Simple Trick For Making Your Ponytail Next-Level

Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet.
It seems like one morning we woke up and everyone we knew was suddenly a Francophile. Perhaps it has to do with the uptick in books like How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are or the I-look-cool-without-even-trying Parisian clothing lines popping up on our radar every day. Or, maybe it's simply the fact that French girls have an enviable style that's actually as effortless as it looks. That's right. Hairstylist Erica Whelan assures us this runway-inspired hairstyle we're seeing everywhere, both in high fashion and on city streets, only appears complicated. For starters, prep your hair with mousse, like Pantene Maximum Hold Mousse, to add instant texture and oomph. Next, use a tail comb to create a deep side-part. Take a section of hair from right above your left ear, and start twisting it back and over toward the opposite side of your head. (If you have lots of layers, you may have to twist back one layer at a time to mock one continuous twist.) Pin the French twist as close to your head as you can, crossing two bobby pins horizontally; also place a U-pin through the twist vertically to keep it in place. Tie the end of your twist with a hair elastic for extra security, particularly if you're going to be doing any sort of heavy movement. Now, take the section of hair above your right ear, and twist it back to meet your French twist. Wrap this section around your hair elastic to disguise the band. But, rather than wrapping your hair all in one place, try to move down the length of your ponytail as you go. Tuck the ends into your hair elastic. To finish, spray all over with a touchable hairspray that won't weigh your hair down, like Pantene Flexible Hold Hairspray. Then, use your fingers to rough up the ends of your ponytail a bit, so the style feels lived in. Remember, the more muss you add, the closer you get to looking Parisian, mon ami. Runway hairstyles have a track record of being too intricate and fashion-y for everyday wear. Au contraire. With the help of Pantene, we're stalking the streets of New York to find the coolest runway-inspired hairstyles IRL and then breaking down how to get them in our new column, Hair Watch. Read up, and stay one curl and twist ahead of the crowd.
Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet.

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