How To Fake Great Legs Courtesy Of Top Stylists And Costume Designers

There's a big focus on legs in today's WWD (four stories about those body parts in all), a feature that, unlike your waist or boobs, unfortunately can't really be faked. However, they turned to celebrity stylists and costume designers for leggy TV shows and asked them if there was any way to turn a pair of California Raisin legs into Anne Bancroft's (our words, not theirs). The tips, below:
Phillip Bloch (Celebrity Stylist): High slits on dresses
Soyon An (Costume Designer for American Idol): A leg and shoe in the same color, back-seam hosiery, and V- or asymmetrically shaped ankle straps.
Christina Erlich (Stylist to Penelope Cruz): Opaque black tights, high heels, Clarins Leg Emulsion.
Randall Christensen (Costume Designer for Dancing With The Stars): Self-bronzers and press-on Swarovski body art (editor's note: what??).
Allison Leach (Costume Designer for The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers): Boots, metallic skinny jeans, or American Apparel disco pants.
Jill Ohanneson (Costume Designer for Revenge): Sheer tights and heels.
George Kotsiopoulos (Host of Fashion Police): Fishnets, shoes with lower vamps, ankle-heel straps.
Sophia-Banks-Coloma (Stylist to Kristin Chenoweth): Nude pumps, pencil skirts, slim-leg pants.
Photo by WWD/Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

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