I Cut My Own Hair — & Here Are My Coworkers' Reactions

I have exactly zero experience cutting hair. My only attempt wielding a pair of scissors was back in high school and it involved a DIY bang trim — and let's just say it didn't turn out as planned. Since then, I've been more than happy to leave the snipping to a real stylist. My long locks and I feel it's been an excellent decision and I've never second-guessed it.
Yet somehow I signed up to cut a wig that I'd then have to wear for an entire day. Needless to say, I felt pretty overwhelmed when the day arrived. What if it looked crazy? Would my co-workers think I'd turned into a hot mess overnight? Not to mention the fact that we wouldn't be using professional scissors. Spoiler alert: There's a reason hairstylists use special, super-sharp scissors. But because I always try to embrace new situations with confidence, I was ready to let my positive outlook (and, as it turns out, some support from my doppelgänger mom) carry me through this unnerving experiment. After all, I figured that if I was into the look, the rest of the world would love it too, right?
Trimming the wig didn't go exactly as planned. I tried to copy Selena Gomez's sleek, sci-fi lob from this year's Met Gala, but my version came out...a little uneven. Though it was far from red carpet-ready, I still thought it was chic. And what blond doesn't want to try living a day as a brunette? I was feeling game, especially when I discovered that my mom and I had become twins — I even threw on a pair of glasses to push myself further out of my comfort zone and to match with her more perfectly. Check out the video above catch my full transformation (Canadian Tuxedo included) — and to hear how my co-workers reacted to the dramatic make-over.
Comment below to let me know if you'll be rocking an unexpected new 'do anytime soon. I'm hoping my experiment left you feeling a little more adventurous — no matter what direction you choose to go, it's super refreshing to totally change your look up once in a while. It definitely boosted my confidence to know that I could still tackle the world while sporting some charmingly lopsided locks. Next up? I'm dying to try an ankle-length wig, à la Nicki Minaj. For right now, though, I'll probably leave the cutting to the pros.

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