Level V: How To Dice A Tomato

Photography by Danny Kim; Food Styling by Lauren Gerrie.
To dice a tomato, you basically want to maneuver around the core and slice up all the meaty tomato goodness. Here's how: 1. Place your tomato on a chopping board with the root facing to the side. Slice off the root part and discard. 2. Flip over the tomato and cut off a little bit of the bottom end, so that you have a flat surface that will be stable. Discard the bottom. 3. Turn the tomato so it's resting on one of the flat surfaces you just cut. 4. Cut off all the yummy tomato "meat" around the core. You should be able to do this in five to six slices. 5. Slice those pieces in one direction, then the other direction. BOOM! An expertly diced tomato. You're a pro! Now, you're ready for some serious French skills, like the Julienne.

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