Read This If You’re Having A Bad Day

Confidence is one of those things that some people make look so easy — celebrities, Donald Trump, your work nemesis — while the rest of us hide in a bathroom stall trying to get up the nerve to talk with our boss (about a raise), our crush (about a date), or fill-in-the-blank person (who could make or break our future). You start the day feeling good (giving yourself a little pep talk, wearing your favorite outfit, ready to kick major butt), only to trip over your heels or spill coffee on your shirt or flub someone’s name and find yourself back at the bottom, struggling to hold your head up. We’ve all been there. But how do you pull yourself out of those slumps (whether they last a few minutes or a few weeks)? Confidence is important — no one will deny the magnetism of someone who seems completely secure in her skin — and, thankfully, it’s a skill you can develop.
Ahead, we’ve gathered 23 ways to boost your confidence quick, for those days, weeks, months, or (we hope not) years when you feel like a loser. We promise you: You’re not.

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