5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Apr 26 2015

Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Just because you aren’t running a fever doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a sick day. Shape’s guide to taking a mental-health day will leave you feeling guilt-free when you need some time off. Career coach Kathy Caprino recommends confidence when telling your boss about your personal day; there's no reason to feel embarrassed and risk being contested by your boss. If you experience hand pain from typing on your phone, these simple tricks from xoVain can help relieve you of tech-related discomfort. In addition to exercising your hands with a stress ball, make sure you have proper posture when sitting or standing. Working out is great, but just getting yourself to the gym can be most of the battle. These five apps (including one where you bet actual money that you’ll go to the gym) will get you into the right fitness habits in no time. When grocery shopping, you should be aiming to purchase more whole foods than processed ones. This guide from Prevention shows your processed picks in their more natural states — to help you make healthy swaps when buying. It would seem that no hangover cure is 100% effective, so maybe it’s time to try this 1,900-year-old solution. Recently translated documents from ancient Egypt suggest that by stringing leaves from the Alexandrian chamaedaphne shrub together and wearing them around your neck, you could be relieved of your drinking-induced headache. Probably not the most effective solution, but A for effort.

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