Looking For A New Job? Read This Before Saying “Yes”

So, you've graduated from college, updated your LinkedIn, and have been hitting up your network like crazy. You had an amazing first interview, you genuinely liked your potential boss, and that missed call on your cell? A little Google research reveals it's a hiring manager.
But wait! Before you say yes, you have to ask them — and yourself — a few questions. Because, ideally, while netting a paycheck (very important!) your first job should also be an opportunity for good mentorship, advancing your skills, and putting you in a great position for when it's time to look for your second job.
To get a better sense of what everyone should know before accepting their first job, we enlisted the help of Lauren Newton, talent recruiter here at Refinery29. Newton shared plenty of tips about what to do during an interview — and what you need to know after receiving a job offer.
Click through for her advice and get ready to update your résumé!

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