How Does Nicola Formichetti Really Feel About “Fat People?” We Check His Facebook

Recently, Nicola Formichetti found himself in hot water after he was quoted in
W Magazine
with the anecdote:

“I was only used to dressing models and skinny kids. And I turned up and it was, like, three fat guys. I just left. That was the last time I tried to work with fat people. I think one of them was Ali G’s brother. It was so ghetto.”
As Lady Gaga's stylist and should-be champion of individuality, Nicola Formichetti's image doesn't really correlate with the statement he made, so it's no surprise that he took to his Facebook page to combat this alleged misquote by posting photos from V Magazine of various plus-size shoots he's styled with the comments, "i know i should just leave it but...i really hate when writers just write whatever they want... 'i dont work with fat people...' why would someone say such a thing?!"
At left, a photo from Nicola's Facebook page; At right, a photo from Nicola's personal Facebook.
However, we took a look at his personal Facebook profile and saw three rather insensitive public profile photos that cast a different light on Nicola Formichetti's relationship with "fat people." What do you think? Is Nicola's "fat people" comment redaction insincere?

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