Hot Shots! Just in Time for Wimbledon, We Serve Up Our All-Time Top Picks of Tennis’s Sexiest Stars

Feeling inspired by the start of Wimbledon today, that tony English tournament where crisp all-white attire is de rigueur and the ever-present Pimm's Cups runneth over, we got to thinking about all things tennis. And since we're already obsessed with getting the sporty-meets-sexy look, we decided it was only right to serve up some aces to the sport's hottest all-time style stars. Which of your favorite white-clad stars made the cut? Find out after the jump!

Björn Borg
We are smitten with iconic racquet master-turned-underwear designer Björn Borg's sporty-sexy style. With that shaggy blonde 'do and skin-tight gym shorts, it's no wonder why Richie Tenebaum stole this former tennis hottie's timeless look.
Anna Kournikova
Whether you recognize this Russian blonde from her days on the court or from her paparazzi-documented sexy beach romps with beau Enrique Iglesias, it's a known fact that Anna Kournikova is undeniably hot. Though some of her wardrobe choices are cringe-worthy, we have to agree that this racquet-wielding sexpot is still on fire.
Andre Agassi
Always the on-court style maverick, Andre Agassi was known as much for his sexy man-mullet and acid-washed tennis attire as he was for his killer championship-winning moves. Though nowadays Agassi opts for hairless hotness, we're still obsessed with his boyish charm.
Ana Ivanovic
This Serbian stunner proved she's more than just a pretty face—and a great set of gams—when she took home the trophy at 2008's French Open. Dubbed the "fastest mover in the world," it's obvious that this sexy Serb's court look is as hot as her game.
Chris Evert
This Pert blonde beauty was made famous back in the '70s by her signature two-handed backhand as well as her high-profile suitors—a mustachioed Burt Reynolds, anyone? Evert's all-American good looks and great game made her the sweetheart of the tennis circuit, and even a one-time Warhol muse.
Rafael Nadal
Majorca-born tennis hottie Rafael Nadal is currently ranked the number-one male player in the world—much to the disappointment of our other major tennis crush Roger Federer. With his too-hot-to-handle Spanish good looks—and not to mention swoon-worthy accent—we'd challenge this tough competitor to a sexy singles match any day.
Steffi Graf
Considered by many to be the greatest female player of all time, this formidable German powerhouse and unique beauty was so tough-as-nails that she was an unofficial suspect in the stabbing of her rival, Monica Seles. The only thing Graf is guilty of is looking drop-dead sexy in a tennis skirt and winning the heart of tennis stud Andre Agassi.
Venus Williams
One-half of the most kick-ass sister act ever, Venus Williams is a force to be reckoned with in the game, but looks more like a lover than a fighter off court. Not one to shy away from risk-taking style, this champion minx always lives up to her sexy name.
Maria Sharapova
Known best for her long blonde locks and her feral on-court grunting, Maria Sharapova really knows how to steam up a stadium. Whether she's rocking a bikini for Sports Illustrated or her infamous court-ready little black dress, we're obsessed with this tennis beauty's subdued brand of sexy.
Roger Federer
This seemingly unbeatable Swiss champ has stolen as many titles as he has hearts. And although he's ranked #2, if he wins this year's Wimbledon, he'd score 15 grand slam titles, making him the greatest tennis player ever. Lucky for us, his classic good looks rival his skill on the court—hands down, no tennis lord has ever worn white or a sharp blazer better.

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