A Decadent DIY Hot Cocoa Recipe To Get You Through The Holiday Season

We’re not going to lie — convincing ourselves to go on a cleanse post-Thanksgiving lasted about five minutes. And to those of you still holding strong to that raw-veggie plan, well, this post just isn’t for you, so cover your eyes! The whole healthy thing sounded like a great idea until we couldn’t avert our gaze from the millions of holiday cookie pictures on Pinterest … and then came the hot chocolate. That sweet little (or huge) mug of swirled chocolate-y magic, topped with clouds of fluffy marshmallows, or even the powdered kind that comes in a package with mini-dehydrated ‘mallows. Heck, we love it all!
Enter this recipe from the local peeps at Turntable Kitchen, a.k.a. the official adieu to any hopes or dreams of a diet! Think of it as all the yummy and rich goodness of Nutella, swirled and heated to perfection in hot chocolate form with a big dollop of peppermint whipped cream on top and sweet tunes (courtesy of Otis Redding) to match. And it happens to be dairy free. Yes, that just happened. Click here for the step-by-step intel and happy sippin’!
Photo: Courtesy of Turntable Kitchen

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