Hot Brow Trend: Sine Qua Non Salon Gets Into Bleached Brows

Trying out new beauty trends should typically involve some one-on-one time with a professional. We wouldn't send you out into the world with runway-style bleached brows without first giving you advice on how to do it, and a good hard look at whether or not your brows are even worthy candidates. It's not like a set of highlights, bleached brows are front and center on your face. Sine Qua Non salon, aside from being one of our local faves, also prides itself on eyebrow mastery. We chatted with Anne Economakos of Sine Qua Non to hear the real deal on this...experimental brow trend. Think your brows can handle it? Book Anne's next appointment, asap.

Sine Qua Non, 3417 North Lincoln Avenue (between Roscoe Street and Newport Avenue); 773-871-2280.


1. Think about your face. Obvi.
"If you have an angular face or bone structure, then this look just might suit you. Typically, thinner and lighter brows have a tendency to make people look harsh while fuller brows soften the look of a face. It could really work for your face if you are looking to make your other facial features appear softer!”

2. Need a little light in your eyes?

"Bleached brows are great if you are looking for a lift around the eyes. Bold and darker brows pull down the eye features, while Anne thinks that the lighter look really makes them pop!"

3. Maintain, maintain, maintain.

"Make sure you recognize that if you are taking drastic measures when it comes to your brows, you are equipped to keep up with it! Let an expert handle the reshaping and rehabbing of the line to keep your look consistent and well manicured, and make sure to use an eyebrow tint that fades away naturally so you don’t get any eyebrow roots." Anne recommends RefectoCil (the tinting product she uses at Sine Qua Non Salon) for any coloring.
4. This is personal. "Trying out a new trend (especially on your face) means making sure it fits with your personal style and features. If you have naturally light hair or a lighter skin tone, then a lighter brow will complement your look. But if you don’t, then don’t force an unnatural shape or color on your face just because the celebrities are doing it!

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